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Association (SAVVA) website Events page for a list
of upcoming Veteran, Vintage and Classic Car and
Motorcycle events and shows organised by SAVVA
affiliated clubs.
SAVVA Magnum Rally. Incorporating
the 37th Magnum Vintage and
Classic Motorcycle Rally and the 9th
Magnum Vintage and Classic Motor
Car Rally.
The 2016 SAVVA National Motorcycle Rally and
SAVVA Motor Car Rally will be organised by the
Vintage Motorcycle Club and Pretoria Old Motor

This will be the 37th Magnum Vintage and Classic
Motorcycle Rally and the 9th Vintage and Classic
Motor Car Rally. It will be named the 2016 Magnum
Classic Motorcycle and Car Rally incorporating the
2016 SAVVA National Vintage and Classic
Motorcycle and Car Rally.

The event takes place in the Mpumalanga
Escarpment area over the period of 11th August to
13th August 2016 with competitors arriving at the
rally venue (Hotel Numbi and Garden Suites) on
Wednesday 10th and leaving to travel back home on
Sunday 14th August 2016.

The Magnum Rally is an event that consist of 4
individual score groups, i.e. it is in essence four
separate events held at the same time.

The four score groups are:

Score Group A: For motorcycles manufactured on or
before 31st December 1960. (Sealed instruments)

Score Group B: For motorcycles manufactured
between 1st January 1961 and 31st December
1994. (Sealed instruments)

Score Group C: For motor cars manufactured on or
before 31st December 1995. (Sealed instruments)

Score Group D: For motor cars and motorcycles
manufactured before 31st December 1995. (Touring
Class, in this group the requirements for sealing
instruments will not apply, see VSR 17) (Open

There are four Speed groups in each of the Score
groups which the competitor can choose before the
start of the event.

Speed groups are:

Group A maximum of 55 kph
Group B Maximum of 65 kph
Group C Maximum of 75 kph
Group D Maximum of 90 kph

The route will cover a distance of 750 km over three

Starting and finish each day at Hotel Numbi in

In order to attract slower vehicles Speed Group A is
re-introduced. The daily route distance will have a
target of 250 km with a maximum of 300 km on the
first two days and a maximum of 200 km on the last

Short stops at scenic points on the route will be

All meals on route are included.

All relevant documentation is available for
downloading on the Vintage Motorcycle Club website
Fairest Cape Tour
The Fairest Cape Tour will be held at Goudini Spa
near Worcester from Sunday 20th November 2016
to 22nd November 2016 - Inclusive.

Competitorís depart for "home" on Wednesday
morning 23rd November 2016.

The documentation listed below is available for
downloading on the Cape Vintage Motorcycle Club
website Upcoming Events page here

Covering Letter
Supplementary Regulations
Entry Form
Financial and Accommodation
Drivers Declaration
Rawsonville Bed and Breakfasts

Durban-Johannesburg Motorcycle
Rally. "The DJ Run".
A Reliability and Regularity Trial over a total distance
of approximately 700km. Starting at 06h00 on Friday
10th March 2017, from the Oxford Village Shopping
Centre, Old Main Road Hillcrest with an overnight
stop at Newcastle.  Re-starting from Newcastle at
06h00 on Saturday 11th March 2017 and finishing at
about 15h00 on Saturday 11th March 2017 at the
Classic Motor Cycle Club corner of Power and
Refinery Roads in Germiston.

The Supplementary Regulations document contains
the following:

Supplementary Regulations
Documentation Check List
Entry Form
Financial Form
Accommodation Form
Tender Vehicle
Declaration by Driver/Rider/Official

For a comprehensive history of the DJ Run visit