Club Membership now provides for the recognition of all paid-up members to be automatically in possession of a valid RCL (Restricted Competition Licence) for the year the club membership card is valid. The administration of this is handled by Club Committees.

1. MEMBERSHIP. In order for an individual to participate as an Entrant/Driver in a competitive event for which a SAVVA/MSA Permit has been issued they need to be fully paid up members of a club in their own right. This includes Honorary Members, Life Members, Full Members and Associate Members (Spouses and partners of members). The payment for the RCL is included in Club Membership Subscriptions.

2. NAVIGATORS. A maximum of one additional membership card endorsed as an RCL may be issued to a member's extended family who takes part in organised motor sport as a navigator. That card needs to indicate Navigator Only and be recorded as such.

Any non-club member or any additional family members that require an RCL to navigate on an event need to become members albeit temporary. Such RCLs shall require an additional payment for membership and per capita levy to MSA.


All members will have to be in possession of the orange SAVVA Indemnity Card supporting renewal of annual memberships and recorded as such against membership registration each year. Once a card has been issued, the card will remain valid for life and can be used as the indemnity required in subsequent membership renewals. No membership card can now be issued without a valid Indemnity Card Number supporting membership renewal.

Members are asked to take note of the following and refer any queries to their club committee

All cards issued prior to January 2009 need to be replaced.
All who held RCLs in the past  must re-sign an Indemnity Application and be issued with a orange card by their club. Some may already have done this.
The Indemnity form signed for the RCL in the past two years is not acceptable.
The correct Indemnity Application Form is attached. Please check that the form you signed previously is correct. 
If a holder has lost their card or the club does not have in their possession the correct signed form, new forms and cards need to be  completed.
Duplicate cards cannot be issued, as they are pre-numbered at source.
All completed applications and records will in future be retained by Clubs.
Clubs are reminded that every single person who participates in any club activity must be in possession of a signed Indemnity for which a Orange card has been issued. 

If in doubt about the validity of any old form or card rather obtain a new one and a new orange card
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